St Anthony Catholic Church
15 Dundebar Road Wanneroo
Western Australia 6065

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Saturday 6.30pm
Sunday 7.30am | 9.00am | 6.00pm

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Mass Intentions

16th APRIL - 22nd APRIL 16th Sat 6.30pm: Domenico & Fortunata Licastro RIP 17th Sun 7.30am: For Vocations to the Priesthood 9.00am: Donald Charlesworth RIP; Brendon Pereira RIP 6.00pm: Carolina Santos del Valle Oliva RIP 19th Tues 8.30am: In Thanksgiving to St Anthony 20th Wed 8.30am: Holy Souls 21st Thurs 7.00am: Flavia McDonagh RIP 22nd Fri 9.00am: Special Intention 




15 Dundebar Road Wanneroo
Western Australia 6065

Telephone (08) 9405 1110
Fax (08) 9405 1744

Telephone (08) 9303 7500

St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary School
30 Ranworth Road Hocking 6065
Ph (08) 9303 7600 Fax (08) 9303 7636



There will be a Parish Council Meeting this Wednesday 20 April at 7.30pm in the Parish Hall. Please send your apologies if you are unable to attend.


On Friday Night, 20th May we will be having a Movie Night in the Parish Hall. Cost: $10 which includes Pizza/Choc Bomb Children can bring Bean Bags Drinks available at $1.00 You pay on the night, but please put your name and number of people attending on the sheet provided in the foyer. Oh and the Movie is: INSIDE OUT (It’s a Disney Pixar Movie)


Thank you to those people who have put their names on the roster to host a morning tea. We still have some blank spaces on the Roster! This is a great opportunity to serve others.


The President and the Committee invite you to join in their annual Festival of San Leone at the Holy Family Church, Kalamunda on Sunday 8th May. Holy Mass will be at 11.00am followed by the Procession at 2.30pm.


A new ministry of spiritual direction will begin in the parish. Gerald Searle, an accredited spiritual director, will speak at all Masses on 30 April/1 May about this ministry. Fliers will also be available in the foyer. For more info you may contact Gerald on 9404 7292


The Archdiocese has requested that all Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist (Eucharistic Ministers) have a Working with Children (WWC) Card. If you are a Minister and we don’t already have your WWC card on record, please bring your card or a photocopy to the church office for admin purposes. If you don’t have a WWC card, then please take an application from the rear of the church and fill it in and get it processed at your local Post Office. Please bring the receipt to the Parish Office so we can register you name and application. This is a further measure the church is taking to ensure the safety of children. There is a small cost associated with the application. IF YOUARECURRENTLYAEUCHARISTICMINISTERANDHAVEN’T FILLEDINAFORM...OR HAVEN’T DROPPED YOUR RECEIPT AT THE OFFICE BY THE END OF NEXT WEEK (FRIDAY APRIL 22) YOU WILL HAVE TO CEASE BEING A MINISTER UNTIL SUCH A TIME AS THESE REQUIREMENTS HAVE BEEN MET.

Many thanks in anticipation!


I read an interesting article online which began with a letter from an elderly Catholic parishioner. “I am a senior citizen. Lately, I have been appalled at the way people act in Church, how they dress and how they pay attention to the Mass. It certainly is not the way it was when I grew up.”

The priest to whom she was writing decided to write an article with reference to church behaviour and I think it is worthwhile for us to reconsider this issue which affects everybody. I will include a snippet from his article in each bulletin over the coming weeks. Enjoy and should you wish to contribute... email our office with your thoughts.

When entering the church, be sure to make the sign of the cross with the holy water; this gesture reminds us of our baptism and our Baptismal promises; it cleanses us of venial sin and protects us from evil. Before entering the pew, be sure to genuflect, an important act of reverence to the presence of our Lord in the holy Eucharist in the tabernacle (the red light next to the tabernacle indicates that Christ, in the Eucharist, is present) Observing a prayerful silence before, during and after the service is not only being respectful to the Lord, but also to others around you who may want a moment of silence alone with God. Also, please turn off your mobile phones; This is essential if you wish to give your undivided attention to God, but also spares everyone else the distraction of a phone ringing or a beeper sounding during Mass (often at the most inappropriate time). This happens in our church... PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO EITHER TURN YOUR PHONE OFF OR AT THE VERY LEAST SWITCH IT TO SILENT (which is not really that silent).


I would like to thank a number of cleaners who have been generously cleaning our church for many years. I wont mention them by name. They have retired from this ministry. May God bless them for their contribution to our church being such a presentable place appropriate for worship and prayer. It reminds me of the need to ask for more cleaners to put their hand up. Becoming part of our church cleaning roster commits a person to cleaning once every 3 months. Its not an overly burdensome task...but I suspect is better shared, after all many hands make light work. If you would like to generously join our cleaning ranks then please email Jeanette at