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Mass Intentions

MASS INTENTIONS: 13th AUGUST - 19th AUGUST 13th Sat 6.30pm: Deceased Members of the Frost Family 14th Sun 7.30am: Mr & Mrs Tuccio RIP; Mrs Terranova RIP 9.00am: Norman Rayment RIP; Ken Hurn RIP; Andrew Grant RIP; Hannah MacAdams RIP; Joseph Varga RIP 6.00pm: Destine Gioan-KIm Thien TA RIP; Dominic Lum, Paul Goh & Teresa Ch’am RIP15th Mon 9.00am: Holy Souls 7.00pm: Holy Souls 16th Tues 8.30am: In Thanksgiving 17th Wed 8.30am: Holy Souls18th Thurs 7.00am: Holy Souls
19th Fri 9.00am:
Holy Souls 




15 Dundebar Road Wanneroo
Western Australia 6065

Telephone (08) 9405 1110
Fax (08) 9405 1744

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St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary School
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I would like to express my deepest thanks to Fr Maurice Toop who so beautifully cared for the spiritual needs of this community in my absence. We are very blessed to have a priest of the calibre of Fr Maurice Toop as a ‘supply priest’. He is what I would describe as a Quintessential Australian whose spirituality is deeply linked to this land in which we are so privileged to reside. I pray to God that he may be available for many years to come.


Students who are celebrating their First Holy Communion this coming September are expected to attend the Holy Communion Parent/Child Workshop which takes place in our church this Wednesday 17th August at 5.00pm. This is an essential pre-requisite without which your child may be ineligible to participate.


There is a Parish Council meeting this coming Wednesday evening at 7.30pm. Please send apologies if you are unable to attend.


This year’s Parish AGM will be held on Wednesday 24th August at 7.00pm in the Parish hall. Would all parish groups please submit a report to Fr John via email by THIS Friday 19 August. Many thanks in anticipation of your prompt response


In preparation for Pope Francis’ visit to Auschwitz, one writer penned the following words which are thought provoking to us all. ‘During World Youth Day, there are many things that the youth can learn from silence. Through standing still and being silent, we are moved to understanding what is going on around us. During Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, being silent while kneeling teaches us to listen to God talking to us. It teaches us to feel His presence...The Pope’s prayerful silence while at Auschwitz is also teaching the youth something different...we are taught to speak out loudly about injustices of today. World Youth Day pilgrims are invited to enter the zone of silence when they visit Auschwitz so that they may understand the importance of this place. However, there are two kinds of silence. One is a silence that is void and the other is silence that is filled with meaning.’

My own experience of visiting Auschwitz rendered me utterly silent. To be in that place where darkness seemed to prevail was a silence I have never experienced before. My response to visiting Auschwitz is still being shaped in the silence of contemplation and the memory of Poland and the people who continue to live hope filled lives even in small communities which have emerged very close to the Prison Camp which is now a Museum. I expected Auschwitz to be situated in a barren and desolate place, so when I saw a playground with young children laughing and playing, so very close to the gates I was initially shocked...but what a wonderful expression of redemption...that even a place once covered in such darkness is now a place of growth, newness of life and familial love. That is possibly the most beautiful response one could imagine to the silence of the memory of more pain and suffering than one could possibly imagine. Fr John


‘...the Lord once more asks you to be in the forefront of serving others. He wants to make of you a concrete response to the needs and suffering of humanity. He wants you to be signs of his merciful love for our time! To enable you to carry out this mission, he shows you the way of personal commitment and self-sacrifice. It is the Way of the Cross. The Way of the Cross is the way of fidelity in following Jesus to the end, in the often dramatic situations of everyday life. It is a way that fears no lack of success, ostracism or solitude, because it fills our hearts with the fullness of Jesus. The Way of the Cross is the way of God’s own life, his “style”, which Jesus brings even to the pathways of a society at times divided, unjust and corrupt...The Way of the Cross alone defeats sin, evil and death, for it leads to the radiant light of Christ’s resurrection and opens the horizons of a new and fuller life. It is the way of hope, the way of the future. Those who take up this way with generosity and faith give hope and a future to humanity.’